Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who are the kids really?

Josh and Tenn both received supersoakers for Christmas this (that should be last) year. The thinking behind that was that in the warmer weather they could both go outside and play together.

These photos were taken Christmas day and as you can see neither Josh or Tenn are playing with their new toys. Somehow they fell into the hands of Tim and my dad and it was on - look out anyone who got in their way!!

These photos are some of my favourite's taken recently - not because they are brilliant photo's but because they two of them are having fun together.

Dad has been a bit down recenlty dut to some major upheavals at his work place and it was so good to see him smiling and laughing. Tim had been working extra hard in the lead up to Christmas -putting in 12+ hour days and it was nice to see him relaxing and having fun too. Most of all I'm happy to have photo's of two of the most special men in my life happy, smiling and getting along so well together!

Just goes to show that boys will be boys no matter what their ages!!!


  1. Hi Kylie I love reading blogs as you can get to know the person a little better than just chatting on line I love the photos of the big kids boys never seem to grow up....will be dropping by often to see what you are all up too

  2. Hi Kylie!! Fantastic photos, I just adore seing blokes messing about!!! My hubby is always mixing it with the kids, don't think he has ever quite grown up actually
    ....ssssshhhh we won't let anybody else know!!

  3. Nice to meet you Kylie Yes blogs are a great way to keep family updated in our very busy lifes . Thanks for stopping by too . Janine XX

  4. Looks like some nutter has hit your blog Kylie :( just delete the twit!

    Luuuurve the pics of Tim and your dad. Always good to see grown men 'playing' and having fun!

  5. welcome to the blog-world kylie!!

    those christmas photos are just brilliant! glad you guys had a good time.

    come by my blog sometime, most of my posts are of my mundane life too lol

    xx elle