Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well after feeling that I was probably the only person left in the world without a blog I decided to give it a whirl. I figured why not - a new year, a new blog!

I plan for this space to be one that can be accessed by family and friends to keep updated on what the four of us are up to. Probably nothing very exciting most of the time I imagine but we're here none the less. I envisage lots of various photo's and info -scrapping and kids from me and birds (the feathered variety) and music from Tims. As well as all sorts of crazy stuff about/from the kids.

Basically we're a strange bunch but we love each other and (usually) have lots of fun and crazy adventures. If this doesn't sound like your kind of blog feel free to leave now. Please don't expect too much from me as this is a work in progress and might take me a while to get the hang of.

Till next time


  1. Hello Kylie!!! Thanks for visiting me!! I am in Seymour, run heaps of giveaways and challenges!! We always have lots of fun!!! I am on holidays from the 13th but you just know what we will get up to in the meantime!!!

  2. Hi Kylie, Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Thanks for popping and seeing what I have been up to...I am sure that I will back checking out what you have been up to too!
    Looking forward to seeing your photography and scrapbooking here Luv Shaz xoxo