Thursday, January 8, 2009

Look what I got.....

in the mail the other day!


These came from the lovely Amanda who I participated in a photo swap with over at Deb's (check it out if you haven't before

I love the way she has managed to capture both the boys personalitites exactly.

The boys love them too especially Tennyson who keeps coming back to the table where they are laying for another look. He said to me earlier "how does that lady know I love to read?" I should have said 'because I sent her an email telling her what you guys like to do' but instead I told him she was psychic......was that wrong?????


  1. hello I love your LO's very nice indeed!!

  2. Oh wow these are just gorgeous. No wonder the boys were happy.

    And NO it funny you said she was physic lol.

  3. lol, i sometimes joke that im psychic, but im really not lol, cant stop laughing at tennison, he sounds so funny, glad you and the boys like them, it was a pleasure doing them