Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have crazy kids

...especially Tennyson who is really just starting to find his own wacky sense of humour!

We spent an afternoon out driving last weekend and Tim pulled into the service station at one point for fuel so while I was waiting I decided to have a play around with the camera to see if I could get any half decent shots of myself to use as avatars etc. I just sort of snapped away without taking too much noice of what they turned out like as I knew I could delete some, or all as is usually the case when I get photo's of myself, of the pictures later(you've got to love digital cameras!). The sun was shininh through the window and it was pretty hard to see the screen to see if they had worked out or not.

I didn't manage to sit down with the camera until the next day and this is what I discovered when I did

What a crack up - I had no idea he was making those faces and poses behind me as I'm trying to smile for the camera! I keep giggling at the one with the big cheesy grin - see what a kid can do with just a cap and a dog as props!!!
The kids a nutter!


  1. Looks like Tennyson loves his dog...not quite sure if the dogs feels the same though!
    Love the LO's that Amanda did for you for the photoswap.

    Hey I have left a lil something for you on my blog. Bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. How funny. Gee your boys are good value, you get lots of laughs from their antics.
    Pics of you turned out nice darl!

  3. ohhh what a crack up! LUV IT
    your little man is a charactor, he sure knows how to make sure you have the bestest avatar around! LOL
    mwa mwa
    Luv Nat xx

  4. They are brilliant pics !!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. Hey Kylie ! Pop on over to my blog - I have a little something there for you :)

  6. those piccies are priceless, the things boys will do!!!!

  7. Gosh Tennyson is a funny boy! What a delight to have around, hey?
    Great to see you blogging, I'm a newbie at this blogging thing, too!

  8. KIDS .... ya just gotta love em!

  9. LOL, Too funny...just priceless!!
    They're great pics of you too, btw!