Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finally posting again

...after my sick computer has returned from the doctors.

It seems as though we had a bug but luckily it appears as though we haven't lost anything. I was beginning to get withdrawals due to the lack of computer time (sad aren't I??) and I'm sure the kids were the same.

It has been far too hot here in recent weeks for me to do any scrapping as my scrapping space is in our lined but not insulated or cooled shed and having days of 46 - 47 degress makes for a very uncomfortable time in there. I have a couple of piccies from 'pre heatwave' that I haven't yet posted

I made this card for my mum's birthday. The photo doesn't really do justice to colour of the card or the sparkly flower (which is the same green as the card IRL). Also please excuse my son's jeans hanging over the chair - I was going to crop the picture but didn't get around to it!!!

This is a photo swap done for me by the lovely KarenF from SNB. I love this photo -it really is typical us! The photo was taken at Adelaide airport at 6.30am as we were waiting to board a plane to the Gold Coast for a family holiday. Even though it's not a perfect shot and Josh doesn't have a face at all its one of my fave's. We're always just that bit unorganised and not with it - just like the photo!!! Thanks Karen, I love it xx

This is what I made Karen in return. The colours don't lokk as nice in this photo as they do IRL Again I was too lazy to crop the photo before I posted it.....

...as was I with this

Its a page I did for an album I'm making for Tim's mum for Christmas (again the colours and much more vibrant IRL) I'm doing one each for our mums. I hoping to get 2 pages (1 each) done a week - we'll see!!!!!!
Lasty and certainly not least my thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone who has been involved in the terrible fires in Vic and NSW. The devistation and heartbreak are things I cannot really fatham but to those of you who have lost friends/family or know people who have my deepest sympathies and thoughts are headed your way. I have made a donation on behalf of my family today and while I'm sure it is appreciated it really doesn't seem enough. Please tell those close to you how you feel as you never really know what's around the corner. Again, my love and best wishes to you all xxx


  1. wow..that card really looks art deco...gorgeous.....I agree with the donation...you feel like something tangable don't you...
    lots of it

  2. I know exactly what you mean by the donations!!!!

    and just love all your recent creations :)

  3. glad to see you back to posting again, have been missin you, the card and LOs are gorgeous. hey, have you recieved the RAK i sent you, i really hope you have as i sent it ages ago

  4. Hi Kylie, firstly in relation to the donation, if you check out my blog there is a link for a lady who is doing a mass amount of albums to give to the fires survivors! Its easy and fun, but you will only have a couple of weeks to do LO's and send them to Sarah.
    Next is can you please email me your address as you have won one of this months challenge packs and I need to get it out to you asap!
    Last but by no means least: Fantastic LO's girlfriend! WTG. Thanks for sharing with me!